It’s stupid to post Mother’s Day stuff /on/ Mother’s Day. I mean, sure, it gets in the spirit of the holiday, but what about all the poor saps who need to prepare for the day and who may or may not have forgotten? It hits them upside the head and they’re caught flat footed.

And that’s not nice.

I’m nice.

So here’s the artistic brilliance I put to labor for my love toward my mother. The leprechaun helped – he lives in my desk bookshelf at the moment and was pleased to have some new poetry to read.

Toned paper from Walmart, Micron ink pens in 03 and 005, two different gray brush pens, a white jelly roll pen, gold acrylic paint, and a very fine-tip brush from Hobby Lobby… not to mention the wee bit of white chalk on the front cover ribbon. What can I say? When I mix mediums, I MIX MEDIUMS! Drafted with love, a cork-backed ruler, and a mechanical pencil… ’cause I’m thorough like that. All of it to put down a poem kindly lent to my by the Google.

I also got her a really nice gift, but she likes to keep the cards so I try to put something special in them each year.

Happy Mother’s Day… enough days in advance to still arrange a gift that says “Thanks for keeping me even after I barfed on your shoes and grew out of my cute toddler head”.