I almost titled this post “On the Traumatic Nature of Food Photography.” Because it is 3:30 in the afternoon, I had a lovely lunch and a snack, but I sit down to edit food photos for ten minutes, and my stomach starts making noises like an unhappy volcano.

Surely, surely you must have felt this way at some point. Maybe your favorite food blogger posted a recipe crafted by angels and a picture that includes god rays and a halo over the featured foodstuffs. Maybe you’ve just gotten off of a two-hour binge of glutting yourself on Pinterest’s food porn and are thinking if you don’t eat something, you’ll die. Maybe you’re like me: a food photographer and you have to spend ‘professional time’ gazing lovingly at beautifully staged food while tinkering with white balance and contrast levels.

I mean… have you ever seen vegetables look this good?040716_3

Vegetables, for crying out loud. This was legit how they looked on the day. The afternoon sun was pouring in through the kitchen window and the smell of toasty butter and sauteed onions was in the air.

But then… it got better.


It got baked.

Guess what this post means, guys. More food photos in the gallery. That’s what.

I do feel bad about giving you food photos and no food, though. So here’s what I’ll do, I’ll give you chocolate waffles. Totally acceptable for breakfast, ask anyone. Or… if anyone asks you, tell them a Nomadic Troglodyte said it was acceptable.

First, the RECIPE. Then feast your eyes!