I am keenly aware of the appearance of paradox in my blog name. Troglodytes live in caves, nomads live, well, anywhere and everywhere.

Well, this last weekend proved the paradox to be possible. Among all of my friends and family, there is not one person who so loves their respective cave and would rather not leave more than your humble servant.

Given that information, I travel an astonishing amount and enjoy it, too. Usually, it’s two to five trips a year to distant lands. In 2012, I and my family went to England, Ireland, and Scotland – we had a blast. I’ve been to Florida to visit my grandmother almost every year, sometimes more than once a year. I’ve road-tripped through a significant portion of the lower 48 over the course of my life. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon on multiple occasions, been to Monument, Yosemite, and Sequoia National Park. I’ve driven in deserts and blizzards. I’ve been to hell and back. ;) I’ve seen Michigan in just about every season. I stayed outside of Chicago with friends for over a month two years in a row.

Then last week, I turned my calendar page to this:


And leap I did. That night it was decided I would be more helpful to the cause of family moving from Michigan to Colorado than I would be at work – which was drying up after Saturday anyway. So in less than three hours I’d bought my ticket for the next day and packed up.


I cooked breakfast for about 40 people (as per usual), grabbed a shower, made a sandwich for the road, and my brother drove me down to meet the shuttle to the airport (a three hour trip from my remote mountain habitat). I flew to Detroit, MI on Friday, helped my aunt pack up her house on Saturday and stayed with grandparents in Galesburg, MI, rode shotgun in her car with her to Kearney, NE on Sunday, arrived in Denver, CO on Monday, and finally staggered home on Tuesday.

It was a whirlwind of a trip, to say the least. There were a lot of long sitting periods, so I wrote two new chapters for The Queen’s Assassin. I read aloud to my aunt in the car, navigated when I could, and got to see the heartland of the USA on the 4th. In fact, our hotel room was on the fourth floor in Kearney and the city was having their weekend fireworks show. What a sight!

I got to see the sun set while I winged down over Detroit:


But there was no sweeter sight than driving back through my mountains with my mother. Ute Pass in the summer is a sight to behold…


So… this troglodyte went nomadic for a very long weekend, and I am so happy to be back and blogging from the Cave. And now you partly know where the name originates.

Happy travels, ya’ll.