So I assemble the troops, strap on my trusty hiking boots, and go out begin the first phase of the photography project: catching horses. Photography, like creative writing, can seem nonlinear when put like that, doesn’t it?

In a rare moment that combined both free time and sufficient motivation, a photographic venture was born last week for the business. I got the best end of the deal in the group of four photographers because I got to be the camera-dame while they rode the horses and modeled for me. I did have to trek up a small mountain while lugging a big camera backpack along, but I still would rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

Instead of taking the classic route of standing, pointing, and shooting… I went a little native. I started jumping over sage brush, crouching down like a wildlife photographer in the Serengeti, and even plopping myself down nearly in the way of falling horse hooves. My knees might have been a little swollen that night, and I may have gotten a couple ants in my pants for my trouble. The result was a few good photos.

I’m not being modest, here. The lighting was fine, the environment was fine, and the subjects were behaving marvelously, but the situation (whether my skill or an outside factor… or both) was a little limiting. The best a girl could hope for is a few good photos.

Not the next cover of National Geographic.

But had I not gone the extra mile in my efforts, in improvisation, there would have been a bunch of blah photos and NO good ones.

Sometimes that’s all you need to remember. Aim high, hope for the best, and be kind to yourself when you only reach the bar instead of flying over it.

That’s really what life is all about, I suppose. We hope to be brave and brilliant, but sometimes the only thing we can achieve when we’re tired or when we’re stupid is to be good enough.

What do you all think of the pictures below?

The business is posting it on Instagram, too.