When I staggered blindly into the project of writing and illustrating a children’s book with my brother, I did not have enough experience with the digital art platforms. No false modesty from me; I’m being serious. The idea of backgrounds done by me… by hand… gave me shivers.

So I didn’t make my own backgrounds. I used reference photos and my previous skill in photo editing to make something I could finish with an angled brush filter on top. I used a loose sketching technique to follow the lines of the underlying picture and give it unification.

And then there was the knight himself.

Without further ado, meet Harlow:

Harlow Page 1.jpg

And the accompanying words…


Long ago in a kingdom by the sea

A king ruled with many a gallant knight.

With great long swords so keen and armor bright,

Strong, brave, and true each knight must be.


From far southern lands, fell news came flying,

A dragon fierce was spreading fear and dread.

With stormy face, the strong, old king said,

“My peace this foul worm is defying!”