Harlow’s adventure continued when he took off from the castle across some landscape I borrowed from Scotland via Pinterest.

Since the original background photo did not have a foreground, I took a separate stock photo of some grass to form up enough of a hillock that my composition required.

This built on an important foundation I would use for the remainder of the pages; blending photos became crucially important to the settings of the rest of the story. Without being able to build backgrounds from the ground up, or going to the perfect location in the perfect light, I had to learn to manipulate.


“O King, mere size alone will not avail

Against this fearsome worm, this I know true.

Though I be small, my oath I give to you,

I shall master this dragon, every scale.”


Sir Harlow bowed to his king,then was gone.

Astride his mighty horse, he galloped south,

His eyes were hard, a grim line was his mouth.

The sun set, the stars wheeled, still he rode on.”