So I was on Pinterest the other day. It’s funny (okay, maybe a little scary) how many conversations I can start with the previous sentence, but, hey, Pinterest is a beautiful place filled with crafts, writing prompts, pretty pictures, and lovely art. Basically, Pinterest is a digital paradise for this little Nomadic Troglodyte.

Back to the point: I found a pin for December Journal Prompts (link back to here). What the heck, I thought, why not give this a whirlAnd I dusted off my journal.

Naturally, I missed the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth days so far, but I nailed one, three, and seven. ;) No, I don’t think I have consistency or commitment issues: I nailed NaNo. *mic drop*

While I was journaling today, I saw one of the days I missed had the prompt, “Three good things”.

I thought it was a really beautiful idea. It wasn’t a ‘list your blessings’ prompt (which was good, because I’d be here for days and days), it wasn’t a ‘one good thing’ that you feel bad about excluding some things for, it was THREE good things. I have a peculiar confession about my peculiar self: I have a fondness for the number three. I was born in ’93, me and my brothers make up the George Kids 3, and I worship a Triune God.

Three things. Three good things. There are a lot of threes around the world, and I just loved thinking about the patterns I could pick out of my head to scribble in my journal. Naturally, once I thought of scribbling them in my journal, I thought about scribbling them here. Sorry-not-sorry for using ‘scribbling’ three times.

But this month, the last month of the year, seems like a really good time to think of three good things. Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa. Trees, lights, and ornaments. Family, Friends, and Home. Presents, Presents, and Presents. Above it all, one good thing: Oxford commas used in lists of three.

Grammar jokes aside, here are my three good things – I had to think big to fit all the goodness into one of my all-time favorite numbers: Wedding, NaNo, and Christmas.

After a summer of grueling work, interpersonal conflicts, and general exhaustion, I got to finish out the year with three really good things. My brother got married to my darling pixie-friend, and it was beautiful and perfect and good. I made new friends in my newly adopted family-in-law, and I got to open my home to them for a lotta love all around.

The Pixie and I dressed as pirates for her wedding shower (on October 31), and I only took out my one hoop earring to finish writing The Queen’s Assassin a mere hour before NaNoWriMo officially started. Then it was November 1st, and the wedding was perfect and I started down the NaNo path with Bill.

Then, here I am, book 1 of Bill sitting on my finished-first-drafts pile, stringing up lights and hacking up pine trees for Christmas, and thinking of how many threes have blessed my life. Welcome to the time of year where we decorate our houses, give each other presents, think upon divine things, play awesome music, and eat a few too many sweets… just ’cause.

What are your three good things?