Sometimes I wonder about my blog title. Nomadic… really? I am fundamentally a troglodyte. What am I doing with ‘nomadic’ in my title? I don’t travel. I don’t travel that much. Okay, so I’m not what you would call a globe-trotter.

Nevertheless… every time I find myself settling down for a long stretch of time at home, I am only surprised by another bit of traveling. So much traveling, in fact, it feels that I cannot truly claim to solely dwell in my mountain cave.


I found it absolutely hilarious that I was volunteered for this trip on the basis that, “she would get the most out of the car time.” It’s true. I’m great at sitting down. I love sitting down. Sitting down is one of the best ways to get pretty much anything done. Not to mention I’m good at traveling. Nope, it was pretty much the sitting thing.

Why do you think my novel-writing set up involves a kick-back chair and a desktop computer monitor which swings over as needed? Because sitting. In a family of carpenters, chefs, ranchers, and chainsaw aficionados – the sitting down hobbies sometimes make me the odd one out.

I sit, I think, I write, I read, therefore I am a troglodyte – I feel like Descartes was pithier, but my point stands. I’m a sitter and a do-er, usually from the comfort of my cave. I’m also great at cooking, laying tile, and flyfishing – none of which involve sitting… but as a lifestyle thing, sitting is something for which I have a lot of talent. Caves require sitting, as they are not often very large for activities such as gymnastics or Italian-style rapier fencing.

I’ll have my laptop, kindle, and smartphone with me in the car as my Dad and I plow through our mountain-top snow on the long drive to Oklahoma. What can I say? I’m nomadic, so I’m practiced at packing, at foraging, and at travel activities. I will probably nest in the front seat and get a lot done, but no matter where the car takes us, I will carry with me the spirit of The Cave: peace, warmth, homeliness, and gentle crafting. I might be nomad-ing hither and yon, but I will always be a troglodyte.

And I’m never bored in the car because…


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I have five novels to plot, two to start drafting, two to revise, and that’s not counting in anything which might strike on the road!