I got a FABULOUS new planner for Christmas. It isn’t for the daily stuff (I had that one purchased back in November, nope, this is JUST for creating stuff. It’s called Writersblok New York… I think. I’ve already started filling it with stuff.



20161229_133204I have lots of stuff to create, and I thought I had it all organized on various platforms until I got this amazing little book and started scribbling in it. No. I didn’t. Not until I had this book. It is perfectly laid out for my creative mind.

It took a bit of thinking first, though, before I realized something which I scrawled on a sticky note to keep a constant reminder as I started planning ALL THE THINGS… so many things. This is my art hack – first and foremost, this is how to be the best:

Regular Experimenting… Start Small – Aim Big

I have pert-near every medium under the sun, but I don’t play with my watercolors, charcoal, ink, gouache paints, or colored pencils nearly as much as I should. So I am hoping to start a regular habit of experimenting. I found this to be extremely healthy when I tried a variation of the idea with a series of doodles in Photoshop. I had a few rules: I couldn’t work for long, I worked from the prompts but didn’t feel confined, and I always, always, always used a tool I hadn’t tried yet. HUGE IMPROVEMENT HAPPENED. I’m gonna figure out what happens when I do that in the real world. *nervous giggle*

And here’s a little reminder for all you artists out there. Not every piece has to be Michelangelo’s David – especially not if you’re getting back into art after you’ve been away a while. Just start with a doodle. Maybe a sketch. Heck, if you’re feeling really ambitious, slap some color on that bad-boy. But for the love of frozen yogurt, don’t go into it wearing a scarf, beret, and expectations. Start small (like… with a flourish or two on your Christmas thank-you cards), but start with a goal for going higher. It’s how we all get better.

Here is a small start that surprised me and delighted me with how well it looked when I handed it over to the character’s creator. Maybe someday it will be its own David.


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