Here, we have another follow-the-painting post! Woohoo! My pixie-in-law liked a pin on Pinterest, it popped up in my notifications, and I. Fell. In. Love! She loves foxes, I love foxes, and a related image just swept through my imagination like a storm.

Here is the link and image:

So I pulled out my trust gray-toned Strathmore sketchpad and my gouache paints. It is crucial to get the shape down before the color, so I started with a quick, light sketch.


Then I started with a lovely base coat of Permanent Yellow Orange with a smattering of Carmine. It’s this stage that really reveals the gouache’s kinship to watercolor.


The best way this gouache works with this paper is layer upon layer of color. I used some other colors, Chinese Orange, Peacock Blue, Ivory Black, and Permanent White, mixing and layering as I painted.


One virtue of gouache is the lovely texturing effect which can be achieved by putting darker paint on top of a lighter coat of paint and then repeating.


They key is not to stop here, but keep layering and adding detail until you’re finished. I used a black Micron 005 pen for the whiskers, and dots of Permanent white to imply snow resting on barely-visible hairs.


And we’re done! With this project, you can really see how starting with the lights and brights gives the piece an internal glow.

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