Another Follow the Painting post!

This one is a little simpler than the foxy little fellow I did in my last painting post. As a rule, wildflowers will always be simpler than creatures with hair.

As always, start with a reference image. This one was in an actual book, so I’m afraid it isn’t as easy to put up. Just use your imagination.


See, imagination is a beautiful thing.

Light sketches are always the best way to go. Sometimes you can’t erase your lines, and it’s a pain to paint over them. Go easy on the graphite, people. It’s a lesson hard-learned. I’m using my standard gray-toned Strathmore paper and Holbein Gouache paints.


Then I put down some light purple to fill out the shape and get an idea of how to mix my red and blue into the right shades of purple. (That’s Peacock Blue and Carmine for any art nerds out there.)


I filled out the painting with a bit more color and I started implying Permanent white in all the right places.20170328_142247

One more layer and it’s time for detail work! 20170328_142919

Last, but not least, Lemon Yellow! What a lovely yellow. It’s so bright it’s practically painful. I topped off the reds and was done with the color.20170328_144320

Erase the lines and it’s done!