This little troglodyte was once again pried out of her cave for a spot of spring traveling. Honestly, I feel like Bilbo Baggins tottering out of Bag End, away from the perfect comforts of my hobbit hole to be tossed about in the rough world for a while. I do enjoy the traveling, however. I just don’t enjoy… you know… leaving home. Such a contradiction to live with.

Our journey was to be a delightful mother-daughter road trip, replete with an audio version of Pride & Prejudice, spontaneous shopping extravaganzas, and nights at cozy B&Bs. The goal of the enterprise was to visit the granddaughters/nieces in Oklahoma.

We did not have the most auspicious start. The weather was rather gloomy.


Kansas was flat, as it always is. However, and we didn’t find this out until later, we were preceded in our travels by over an inch of rain and left six inches of snow in our wake. Our hotel the first night was just as bland, but when we finally reached Norman, Oklahoma, we found a unique little place called Whispering Pines, a charming B&B tucked away in the woods.


When we trundled through the front door, we were washed over with the most savory and delightful scents of the dining room on the lower floor. Fine dining was offered here, but we were to have dinner with family, so we had to decline. We did have a lovely time with the Oklahoma division of the clan, even meeting some delightful goats in the course of the evening.20170421_175948.jpg

The room we got was spacious, with a little kitchen area and living space separate from the room, which had its own balcony – a porch looking down into the paved garden all lit up with fairy lights in the evening. Before we left (they only had room for us for the one night, and it sounded too charming to pass up), we took a stroll through the gardens and peered through the trees toward the vineyard at the back of the property. Classy joint, for normal B&B rates, I must say. Breakfast was included and we submitted our orders the night before, only to have the dishes brought up to our room the next morning. I mean, what kind of delightful treatment is this?

We had a lovely day with the kiddos and only departed for a quick shopping expedition/coffee shop. We returned with the purpose of babysitting for the evening so Mommy and Daddy could have a date night. Baby was concerned.


That night we tucked into a much more conventional B&B – ‘charming’ and ‘homey’. But it was decently clean, if a little cold, and we got a better-than-continental breakfast the next morning. The weather finally cleared and we enjoyed a morning spent kicking a ball around a sunny yard. Also, more time with goats.20170423_120612.jpg

My mother was kind enough to indulge my love of cemeteries and we stopped at a sprawling one near our relatives’ house. The oldest corners weren’t particularly old, but it was good to spare a few souls from the jaws of the third death for a time. In a mad dash, we made it all the way through the flats of Texas, glimpsed the mountains of New Mexico, and flew north in Colorado until we landed at my aunt’s house in Denver, Colorado.

It was late, but the sunset on the road was totally worth it.20170423_120612.jpg

And that, my fine, furry friends, was my latest nomadic voyage over the amber waves of grain. Then it was back to The Cave to recover from the cold my niece gave me.