“So, you wanna go on a road trip to Cheyenne tomorrow?”

Me: *in no way, shape, or form desirous of leaving my cave* “Yeah, sure.”

And that’s why today’s blog is a bit more traveling and a bit less genealogical than planned. Because whenever there’s travel involved, I usually say ‘yes’. I’m a troglodyte (say it with me people) who’s a bit nomadic.

Yes, my mother and I hopped in the car for a road trip with the singular mission of purchasing a second-hand rabbit. Because my life isn’t weird enough already. The mission was in support of the larger operation of assembling a petting zoo for the family business. We’re up to three different specimens so far: ducks (4), chickens (6), and now a rabbit named Merlin.

No kidding.

The rabbit’s name was already Merlin. Upon purchasing him, I informed him that he was going to the home of three total nerds who would appreciate his lineage entirely.

Perhaps I should be clear: the home of the same set of nerds who named the 6 baby chicks after characters in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series, who own no less than three full sets of the Lord of the Rings books (not counting the audio book version), who grew up wielding real and imaginary swords, and who are all able to have active conversations about legends of fellows who pull swords out of stones. I am one of the said nerds (though not, by far, the nerdiest).

We wanted to get an early start so we could be home with plenty of time for Sunday dinner with the family. My personal mission for the car ride was to plow past a sticky bit of writer’s block and take a good nap.

I thought I’d get the nap out of the way first. I’m very good at napping in the car. I don’t know why or how people lose this skill between childhood and adulthood. If I am not given caffeine, I will almost definitely be asleep within 30 minutes. One time, I took five naps in one day. I am a skilled napper.

I woke up in time to snap a few pictures of the road and passing scenery.


We kept an eye out for people in Cowdry, WY. There’s a running joke in our family that a person in Cowdry is about as rare as a unicorn. It’s a town: people must live there, but my grandparents drove through Cowdry at least 6 times a year for over 20 years and saw nary a one. There has since been the occasional sighting, and we were graced with one on the way up and two on the way back. This is big news, people.

We stopped at a McDonalds to stretch our legs in Laramie before jogging east to Cheyenne. The now-former-rabbit owners were lovely people with a charming home. They told us everything we needed to know about the care and keeping of our new little bundle of fluff, and we were back on the road + a rabbit.20170507_135437

The weather tried to turn a bit rainy on us, but it was sunny and bright by the time we rolled dinner out for the family, though by dark we were facing our first thunderstorm of the summer. And I got two chapters written today!

Merlin is a happy camper in his new home so far.20170507_154642