Making the best of a dreadful situation. That could very well be the tagline to the situation I found myself in during the final few hours of my trip to Oklahoma.

It was truly delightful to spend several days romping around with my little nieces in Oklahoma. However, my immune system was not prepared to romp with children – let alone with children who were overcoming colds of their own.

I did great right up until I didn’t.

This cold hit me with the speed and force of a mac truck. I went from having a little tickle in my throat (which I tried to head off with some good ol’ vitamin C) to feeling like my throat was on fire. In less than 5 hours.

My last few minutes with the little angel was closing in on torture. When I closed the car door, my resolve failed and I just sat in a puddle of misery.

So here are my three tips for traveling when you are off your head with a cold:

  1. Get some Airborne from a pharmacy. This can cut down your cold’s run time and help boost your immunity.
  2. Get water/avoid sugar. I know it isn’t fun on a road trip (or when your throat hurts), but dehydration is the enemy. It might be tempting to cool a throat with a bit of soft-serve, but it will only serve to harm your recovery.
  3. Let the other person drive. My mother was incredibly sweet and only let me drive the last hour of our trip. I couldn’t talk, but the initial misery of the illness had faded a little. For the most part, I sat back in a heated seat with the heat on to beat any chills. I figured if my body didn’t have to work so hard to keep warm, it could work on fighting the virus coursing through my veins. The stress of driving wouldn’t have done good things to me.

It is better to use precautions and preventions than dealing with after the fact. Try to distance yourself from sick people. Drink lots of water. Take your vitamins. If you are worried about getting a cold: take Airborne beforehand. Rely on your travel buddy/ies as best as you can.

Good luck, and I hope you never find yourself traveling while sick.