Here is some random, hard-won, peculiar, and altogether unexpected troglodyte advice for getting out of a funk. Not all of us are as down as Hal was after fighting at Agincourt and thinking the French were gearing up for another go of things, but sometimes we just need a pick-me-up.

First, let us define ourselves…

Funk: an emotional slump of apathy or mild depression which causes the individual in said ‘funk’ to feel generally bad. This is neither a clinical term nor are any of the pieces of advice ‘medical advice’ in any sense of any term.

Out: to claw oneself into a happier state of being than the aforementioned ‘funk’.

Right ho! Here are the basics.

Your brain is in a funk and you don’t know why or can’t fix the problem, here are a few ideas for perking yourself up.

  1. Put on some silly socks. It works for writer’s block, too. I swear.
  2. Eat some chocolate – if you can. Chocolate is good for your brain chemicals. But sugar might not be, so aim for the dark stuff.
  3. Listen to some of your favorite music and bust out some sick dance moves. It’s physically harder to be sad or apathetic when you’re dancing around the house with your earbuds in, singing to some tunes.
  4. Take a bubble bath. With essential oils. Treat yo’ self.
  5. Play some music, on, like, an actual instrument. If you are musically talented, it may be just the ticket to wring out a sweet solo on your fiddle.
  6. Watch something which will make you laugh. Netflix and Youtube both have dark oceans of depressing things, but they also have kids’ movies, comedy specials, and cartoons. Find those. Watch them. Cartoons hard-wired into most human minds as happy memories and reliving them (or finding new ones) are excellent funk-busters. Exciting things can help life you out, too, so if Bugs Bunny ain’t cutting it, try an action movie.
  7. Read or watch something sad. Sometimes we have be to reminded just how good we have it in order to put our feelings in context. If you have to sob over something to get it out, do that thing and break that funk.
  8. Talk to a friend. Can you tell this list was written by an introvert? I can tell. This is number 8, for heaven’s sake. Your friends are friends for a reason, so you might just need to reach out to those people. If your friends are also family members, all the better.
  9. Do some kind of exercise. This could fall under the ‘dance’ heading above, but I wouldn’t rule out a run, a brisk walk, or a bit of yoga. Or chainsawing and hauling lumber, if that’s your kind of thing. I would advise outdoor activity, however, as nature loves to nurture the human mind. Being at the behest of the elements (for good or ill) has a way of putting us in our place.
  10. Do something nice for someone else. Altruism has a weird chemical effect of making you feel better. What’s that? It’s moral superiority? Whatever. Just do something nice, make the world a better place, and your brain might just decide it doesn’t need to do da funk.

Here. Have a picture of a cookie and tuck this post in your pocket for a rainy day.