So, growing into an adult means you learn about all the different kinds of things that the grown-ups did when you were a kid – but through their eyes. Not just talking about taxes here, but some of the little things.

Things like buying dolls for nieces.

Now, I had very generous extended family members while I was growing up (and a very generous immediate family, too). Christmas would come around and we would wait for my grandparent’s SUV to come up the driveway and we would unload box after box of Christmas presents.

Me being the only daughter next to two brothers meant that I was showered with all of the gifts they thought a well-rounded girl would need. I was never short on dolls or dress-up clothes. I could always see the expectation in their faces as I opened some shiny new bauble, the delight in their eyes when I thanked them profusely (for I was raised with very good manners).

But, let me tell you, when you (a grown person) buy something that truly delights a little girl…





Story time: The new Wonder Woman movie inspired a set of Barbie dolls with swords and horses.  I would have killed to have one of those setups when I was little. My imagination was big, and war and violence were a part of my play. I loved the Lord of the Rings universe and I would have loved ADORED something like this that would have facilitated my play.

Well, I saw one in a Walmart while we were visiting the distant family and little ones and I simply knew I had to purchase one for my niece. She is a horsey little girl, so I knew a white steed with a golden mane and a new doll would be just the trick. We checked with her parents first, just to make sure we weren’t overstepping any boundaries.

Image result for wonder woman hippolyta barbie doll and horse

The childish gasp. The stuttering for words. The ripping open of the box. The questions. The adoration. The sudden and compelling need to play all the games all at once with her new toy…

Yeah, she loved it.

But I don’t think even she could love it as much as I loved how much she loved it. Totally worth the $30+ I paid for it.

The new trick is finding a way to keep from buying every toy in sight to get that feeling over again for the both of us. It is, perhaps, the second greatest pleasure I have had while being an aunt.

The first is curling up in a big chair with a book of Bible stories and reading the ones she requested while she grew sleepier and sleepier in my arms. That one was priceless.