Well, since this is /already/ a hobby of mine – I wasn’t going to let the wordpress prompt of the day go to waste: Bottle.

I was in a cafe, saw a candle stuck in an old prosecco bottle, and thought to myself, This would be better if it had a little scene painted at the bottom.

I tried to do it on my own. It came of marvelously.


After a struggling with the hobby of painting for the last ten years or so, it’s no surprise that I’ve developed a versatility with it. My then-soon-to-be-sister-in-law (present pixie-in-law) saw and we agreed that it would be a smashing addition to the wedding decorations. We needed nine bottles, dressed to the nines in their new, fancy, acrylic togs.


So I learned how to paint bottles. It turns out other people thought it was cool, so I slapped a price on those bad boys and sold two over the winter. Considering that this was my way of recycling then-useless glass with cents, not dollars, worth of paint and less than an hour of my time… it seemed odd that people wanted to pay $30 a pop for them.

Then my brother reminded me: they aren’t paying for the hour of my time… they are paying for the ten years of experience which enabled me to paint on a round, smooth, non-porous medium. They are paying for my vision, the talent imbued in my fingers, and my ingenuity. An ingenuity which saw a plain glass bottle and said, “Not enough. I can do better.”

Someday, when I have time *cue hysterical laughter* I may open an etsy.com shop or some such thing. In the meantime, it’s just me playing with glass formerly destined for the recycle bin. It’s a fun hobby – musical, too. Each brushstroke thrums on the glass with a pretty little tone. Something of a synesthetic experience, you could say. A hobby where art meets music in a little cooperation with ecological responsibility.

Yay art.


All you need is a pretty wine bottle (some fit this hurricane top better than others), the ability to remove the labels, and plain ol’ acrylic paint/brushes… and your own imagination, of course. The paint job will be a little delicate in the end, as I have yet to figure out a good way to lacquer or coat the bottles, and the paint will easily chip or wash off.

Personally, my favorite pose for painting the bottles is with a leg up on my desk and the scoop of the base resting over my kneecap. Be careful of getting paint on your clothes, though!