I saw the ad in a magazine. “We are meant to wander in wonder” was printed in neat yellow type on a blue Colorado sky. “Come to life @ Colorado”, they encouraged. Well, I can tell you a thing or two about living in Colorado.

When you’re standing on a rocky ridge looking over the lightning swept valley, and your horse whinnies for her friends  – you feel it. When the sun-baked pines release their perfume into your hat as you and your pony clamber up the mountain – you feel it. When the early morning (which is always cold at 9,000 feet) nips your nose, and your horse stamps through frosty sagebrush – you feel it.

Humanity’s collective heart beats to the drum of nature, a destiny calling with every sunrise or starry night. Strolling down a street with the pavement under your feet, or sipping a latte in your corner café, you might be tempted to forget. Going from thing to thing, task to task, shop to work to house to chores and over again… it is just so easy to let that sense of amazement drift away. The noise of busy life threatens to deafen your overcrowded ears to the soft thrum, thrum, thrum. Something is waiting.

But the mountains never let you forget. Walking to breakfast or mounting your horse, smelling the sage or sipping wine on the porch… I can’t guarantee when, but I can guarantee you will feel that heartbeat, that destiny wakening up your soul to something more. We are truly meant to wander in wonder, yes, and to that end of wonderment, I can offer no greater proof than the one I see every single morning on my way into work.