It’s that time of year, my people.

The leaves are pretty colors. There is orange everywhere. Everything is pumpkin spice flavors.

NaNoWriMo is on the air. You can feel the tremors rumbling through the internet as a hoard of authors begins thumping their prep-notebooks down on their desks and cracking their fingers.

I am doing something similar to where I found myself last year: trying to cram the end of a novel into October so that I can start a shiny new story in November. My summer writing goals went up in flames, so I am a novel and a half behind where I thought I’d be with my fiction right now.

Such is life, my friends. The key is to not let it get ya down.

So my NaNo prep is primarily composed of writing a completely unrelated novel!

I’m doing loads of other stuff, too. Like… looking at the outline I wrote for my NaNo project… playing with the cover in Photoshop… trying not to cry into my coffee with excitement at writing this story… trying not to curl up in the corner and sob with fear at the inadequacy I feel at the thought of penning Enzo’s story.

You know.

The usual.

My advice for NaNo is: Character.

It doesn’t matter if your plot is a complicated web of betrayals, double-crosses, and insanity. It doesn’t matter if your plot is simple. It doesn’t matter if it’s futuristic Steampunk or romance time-travel. Because if you are writing about a very well thought-out, complex, compelling character, they will carry the rest of the story all the way home.

If you want to follow my progress on the NaNoWriMo website, my profile is here.

How about any of my writer-readers? How are you preparing for the November Madness? Any advice? Comment below, and let me know!