I saw this daily prompt, and I knew I needed to write something – even if it was by the seat of my pants and unplanned. Because I have recently had several surreal experiences, and they are just worth writing about.

I mentioned in my post about preparing for overseas travel that I was, in fact, traveling overseas. My parents and I went to Scotland. We trekked hither and yon. Many adventures and disasters occurred. It was marvelous. It was travel. We are glad to be home.

While I will be blogging about the things we saw, the people we met, and the places we went in more or less chronological order, this prompt has me hitting all of it at once.

Scotland was surreal to me. Me, a mountain girl from Colorado, suddenly surrounded by rich emerald turf and burnt orange mountains, with three times the humidity I’m used to, and accents I normally only hear inside my head… yeah. I’d say ‘surreal’. Watching rain fade into clouds just over our heads, and seeing those same clouds kiss nearby mountains before being chased away by the wind was simply remarkable: it doesn’t rain like that on my mountains.

Standing outside castles older than the oldest parts of my country by 400 years… surreal.

Walking on a moor where thousands of casualties spelled the death of Highland culture before America began muttering about declaring independence… surreal.

Holding a glass of whiskey, looking out on a loch, while the fire crackled beside me and my dad… surreal.

So many of the sights we saw were not at their prettiest. It wasn’t a sunrise, or it wasn’t clear, or it wasn’t open – but they were beautiful to us because they were different. You know what they say, “A change is as good as a rest.”? Well, this was very unusual for us. We normally don’t ‘vacation’, and certainly don’t go places just for the reason that we were curious and wanted to see it in person. This was my parents’ second vacation in 30 years of marriage.

Whether it was standing in the ancestral home of Clan Campbell of my father’s heritage or wandering the standing stones at Clava Cairns… Scotland was surreal, and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you as I write them up!

Nomadic Troglodyte out!

via Daily Prompt: Surreal