In my experience, limited though it might be, there are a few things which might tempt an American to venture from our wide borders and experience the world beyond. I recommend it, personally, but to each their own. Whatever your reason, international travel has a way of broadening the horizons, whether it is having a conversation with a friend about how all of Europe could fit into the lower 48, (and how do we even have a country that big?) to looking at a strangely familiar cityscape or landscape and discovering that this whole wide world might not be quite so big as we thought before.

Without further ado, the list:

  1. Friends and Family: perhaps you are off on a distant journey to visit someone you already know. In which case, kudos. They are great people to visit, I am sure. Have fun.
  2. Business: I don’t know what business you’re in that allows you to travel around the world, but right on. I hope you read my past and future blog posts on tips and tricks for traveling.
  3. Sightseeing and/or Art Museums: nearly everyone wants to pilgrimage to remarkable places and experience remarkable things. There is much to be said for staring in awe at a mountain, and just as much to be said for staring in awe at a painting.
  4. History: this one is different from the previous, since, while it does often take place in museums, it also does something in educating you on the identity of the country in which you are touring. You can look at mountains, paintings, and friends all day, but until you start to taste the age of the place and its roots, you don’t really know it.
  5. Self Indulgence: everybody needs to treat themselves once in awhile, they really do. Sometimes it’s a bubble bath at home. Sometimes it’s a bubble bath with a glass of champagne in a really swanky room you’ve paid a lot of money to stay in.

In a recent trip to Scotland with my parents, I can say that it was a little bit of all of the above. We toured the Highlands together in order to stay with a few friends, gaze at all the beautiful Scottish landscape, study the history of the Highland Clans from whom we are descended, squeezed in a bit of pampering, and pitched our business all the while.

Good things happened. Bad things happened. It was exhilarating and exhausting and rejuvenating and delightful. We took wrong turns and missed things, got wet socks and bad food. We also found great friends, ate gourmet deliciousness, and, speaking for myself, fell in love with Scotland all over again.

And here is me, promising that I’ll tell you all about it the places we went in a series of upcoming posts. I just have to stop traveling for /five/ /freaking/ /minutes/.

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The Nomadic Troglodyte did not stop traveling. In fact, she packed her bags and left for a state two thousand miles from her home that very morning. She does, however, feel very sorry that her blog has been a little on the slow side for the last several weeks. All the traveling has provided her with much material and many pictures, so that will probably change soon.