via Daily Prompt: Infect

I’ve mentioned the family business (and my work for it) a few times on this blog. It’s due to the busyness of the business that my blog has been a little dry the last month or two. I have hopes that I can shuffle things around to keep posting here, but the training sessions we’re doing with the new people for the upcoming season is what inspired me to write on today’s prompt.

Food service is an art, but we have to take safety precautions to prevent contaminating the food and/or our customers. We wear gloves, wash hands, pay attention to temperatures. There is the risk of bacterial infection, chemical contamination, and a sick chef can infect a whole room full of people with a virus.

We didn’t just cover our safety procedures today, we covered attitude.

I’m gonna be real here: attitudes are more infectious than colds or Hep A. You, as a human being, as an empathetic soul, and as an interacting individual have the ability to alter the lives and days of everyone around you.

You can be silent, keep yourself to yourself, and that void can be as damaging as negativity. Or… you can smile. You can say, “Hi.” You can hug your sister-in-law, tell your mother she looks fly in that jacket, and put your father’s favorite show on without being asked.

If you choose to put positivity in the world, it affects other people.

The same goes for negativity.

So, if you’re upset at the state of the world. If you are fed up with bad things, unhappy people, or crappy situations – change it.





Start with a smile, add a laugh, and throw in some compliments and gentle words.

If you can infect someone else with your joy, your love, and your light – then they’ll change the world, too.

You’re an epidemic, a hurricane, a forest fire. You can change the world, and only you can change the world. What are you waiting for?