Those of you who’ve read my previous post “You Are An Epidemic: Act Like It” was something of an idea. A hope. A resolution.

We all know how most New Year’s Resolutions turn out, and I’m as skeptical as the next girl. Much to my surprise…

This was not the case. At least, it wasn’t in my attempt at changing how I act around other people, in trying to be more kind.

I succeeded.

It started with biting my tongue. I didn’t always keep a handle on my wit and the scathing words. Still don’t.

It kept going with a simple “Sure.” When asked if I would do something, I just said, ‘Sure’. If there wasn’t much skin off my nose, then I stopped thinking of all the ways it would impose on my plans and just… “sure.”

And you know what? Those two things started daisy-chaining a series of events. No longer was I the center of my universe, and new opportunities blossomed as a result. It was oddly freeing, no longer feeling the weight of everything spinning around me – feeling the need to say ‘no’ because I needed to do my things. When my things were abruptly not the most important, I could explore other things.

Some of it -okay, a lot of it- was work-related. The hours have been long, but I’ve been able to apply a different energy and creativity to the labors and loves of my job.

My health was improved. Instead of killing myself over my things, I fought two separate colds which swept through the family business. And won. I took my time, napped, sucked down vitamins, and didn’t stress about anything other than work.

I’m watching acquaintances turn into friends. Dreams turn into realities. And allies where I least expected them.

Have I been keeping up with my blog/art/noveling/hobbies? No. Not remotely.

Do I regret it?

… No.

See, I’m just as I was before. Nothing changed. But I see everything differently.

And that means everything changed.


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