There is something really, truly rewarding about being appreciated for hard work. Yes, yes, yes, the work itself is rewarding, too. Goodness. Settle down.
I am proud of the things that I have accomplished.
You know what, I’m also proud of setting aside certain goals to make sure that I could be the PERSON I wanted to be this summer. The way the last few months have worked out, the schedule I keep means that maybe, just maybe, I get to work on those goals one day out of seven.


Do I feel bad that I’m not writing every day (you know, the Sacred Advice given to all Writers)?

Umm… sometimes.

Probably not as often as I should, given how highly I regard the profession and activity of writing.
But every time I start getting down on myself for my lackadaisical habits in my artistic passions, I remember the other things I’ve accomplished.
Sometimes it is the number at the end of my timecard of a week.
Sometimes it is scraping my sweating, exhausted body up off the floor to make sure my mother’s phone will Bluetooth pair with the car the next morning.
Sometimes it’s discussing writing with a new friend and telling her I’m working on my 7th novel. She, a writer and a novelist, stared at me.
Another friend, one who is a music-friend of mine, was nearby.
“I knew you wrote stories,” she said, “But… seven novels? That’s… wow.”
I’m not trying to humble-brag. Or even brag-brag. I’m here telling you that if you are disciplined, if you have really good habits, and if you build your dreams brick by brick then you can take a break and the world will Not End. I promise.
Life happens, other things become more important, and during those periods, the things that you worked so hard to build, whether it be a novel, a portfolio, or a blog, will still stand. That hard work doesn’t dissipate with time; it’s one of the virtues of hard work.
I think sometimes we’re afraid that if we take a break, we’ll never make it back to that disciplined place. Maybe that’s right. Maybe that’s wrong. It has to do with the person and the situation for sure. However, I think it’s time to set aside the fear.
Work hard.
People notice.
Work hard on different stuff.
Other people notice.
Regardless of which hard work you’re doing, the work will still stand. It might only stand as building blocks of hard-core discipline in your very soul, but it will still stand.

Also, my Brother and Pixie-in-law got a puppy. I am the new puppy-aunt. I have responsibilities as said puppy-aunt.

A Puppy… named for the Ascendant Warrior

Photo Credit: Mine