The book of Esther is cherished by the Judeo-Christian tradition for many reasons. It describes the beginning of the Jewish festival of Purim, it depicts important aspects of the historic Persian court, and, in spite of not originally citing the Name of God, it tells the story of how He will always save His people.

I grew up breathing the book of Esther: reading historical novels based on the biblical account, devotionals steeped in it, and knowing large sections of it by heart. I was inspired by the incredible characters in this story and still am. What struck me lately was this…

Mordecai sends word to Esther that God will continue effecting His will on earth regardless of her actions. In essence, He will save His people no matter what, but maybe she was raised to her position “for such a time as this.”

That sentiment echoes deeper than the mere context of the Persian courts hundreds of years before the birth of Christ.

God makes all of us. God exists outside of time. God knows our souls, the strength of which we are capable and the weaknesses to which we are susceptible. Whether it was one of the Hebrew slaves in Egypt who died before Moses’ time, an unnamed disciple who learned from the very Son of God, or you, God has placed your soul here. You were made for such a time as this because God made time and God made you… and God doesn’t make mistakes.

Maybe Esther was thinking of this when she sent word back to Mordecai to say she would risk her neck to try to save their people, and, “if I perish, I perish.” But then–oh, but then!–Esther uses her knowledge of the customs of her time and the court in which she reigned to effect tremendous change.

My dear sister, you were crafted by the hand of God in His victory and glory. In Christ, we have the strength to fight the battle that has already been won! God has made you “for such a time as this.”

So go, and, like Esther, look to Christ to understand your times so that you will know what to do and be brave enough to do it as you keep your eyes fixed on the One who reigns, supplies and sustains.


(This is the last post I wrote for Daughter of Delight’s account during 2021… I may be back some day.)

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