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Legendary Romance – A Genealogy Story

We've all heard the stories, we know their names like minor gods in some romantic pantheon. Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Arthur and Guinevere, Wesley and Buttercup, Elizabeth and Darcy, and, of course, Belle her Beast. Whether or not you... Continue Reading →

Diverging Legacy – A Genealogy Story

The only genealogy thing more fun that researching an entire family tree is researching two trees. This is because, sooner or later, those trees are going to come together. My pixie-in-law and I naturally had loads of fun doing our respective... Continue Reading →

Anna Bock – A Genealogy Story

A great woman can inspire hundreds, but this one mothered a legacy. This is the story of my great-great-great grandmother, Anna K. Bock. It is surprising that I have been able to do so much on my family tree in... Continue Reading →

The Blue Knight – a genealogy story

There's nothing like hitting a point in genealogy studies where you are chunking right along and you trip over a historical event you actually know or actors with whom you are familiar. Sure, there are the big things like wars... Continue Reading →

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