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Imagining an Awesome Life

There's a lot out there about living intentionally right now. I mean, I saw a Magnolia magazine article titled along those lines, and if Chip and Joanna Gaines are talking about it... it's gotta be pretty mainstream, right? Anyway, I've been... Continue Reading →

Keeping Your Sanity Viable in 2018

via Daily Prompt: Viable The physician's assistant pushed through the door into the scrub room to find the doctor gloving up for the surgery that just wasn't going to happen. "I'm so sorry." Her voice broke as she said it.... Continue Reading →

The Building Blocks of Story

via Daily Prompt: Mighty The word of the day prompt is 'Mighty' - and it was recently emphasized to me just how mighty the task of writing is. It is, in fact, the creation of worlds. I was talking to... Continue Reading →

Finite Multitudes

via Daily Prompt: Finite This is a good time of year to contemplate things. Autumn comes early in the mountains, and it is always a time of endings and beginnings for me. It's the end of the business season with... Continue Reading →

Painting Bottles – and a ‘How-To’

Well, since this is /already/ a hobby of mine - I wasn't going to let the wordpress prompt of the day go to waste: Bottle. I was in a cafe, saw a candle stuck in an old prosecco bottle, and... Continue Reading →

Success vs. Survival

via Daily Prompt: Survive Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. Robert Collier Sometimes... the small effort is getting out of bed. Sometimes... the small effort is putting a smile on your face when... Continue Reading →

An Introvert in the Hospitality Industry

via Daily Prompt: Hospitality I saw this prompt this morning and my heart gave a little pitter-pat. Oh, what a perfect word to describe so many aspects of my life. I'm part of a family business built on hospitality -... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from Baby Ducks

  via Daily Prompt: Panicked Here's how I learned that ducks are experts in panicking, and what I decided to take from the experience. ... so the family business recently expanded into poultry. We want the kiddos to be able... Continue Reading →

How Apprenticeships Could Save the Western World…

In which I, a millennial, rant like an old codger and make several excellent points.

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