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Art of Harlow – Page 3

Harlow's adventure continued when he took off from the castle across some landscape I borrowed from Scotland via Pinterest. Since the original background photo did not have a foreground, I took a separateĀ stock photo of some grass to form up... Continue Reading →

The Art of Harlow – Page 2

When it comes to shading and blending, I have since learned that the best Photoshop tools for variations in a single color are the blending brush and individually selected colors. That being said, the best way to make a flat... Continue Reading →

The Art of Harlow – Page 1

When I staggered blindly into the project of writing and illustrating a children's book with my brother, I did not have enough experience with the digital art platforms. No false modesty from me; I'm being serious. The idea of backgrounds... Continue Reading →

The Art of Harlow

In that long ago, far away haze which often shrouds the best ideas, the exact inception of the idea of Harlow's story has been lost. Perhaps it was my brother's idea, perhaps it was mine, but in all likelihood, it... Continue Reading →

The thing about writing a children’s story…

So, here I am - wildly unqualified to write this post and fully preparing to write it anyway. Kinda like how I felt about co-authoring and illustrating a children's book for my niece. Here we go. I've dabbled in a... Continue Reading →

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