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Re-thought Re-post

When you try to see the big picture and end up so far up you become scared of heights... not a great day. This happened to a person at work, and I think it exhausted them before lunchtime. I felt... Continue Reading →

I wear Patience as a Pauldron

via Daily Prompt: Patience There is one Sunday school lesson I think should be widely considered and applied regardless of your nationality, religion, or political persuasion: wearing the armor of God. I think this is be applicable regardless of belief,... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo – Writing Through the Fear

I think every writer, possibly anyone who has ever tried to write, can relate to the moment when the words seem so weighty and the subject so large that writing further seems impossible. In my experience, this happens during NaNoWriMo... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from Baby Ducks

  via Daily Prompt: Panicked Here's how I learned that ducks are experts in panicking, and what I decided to take from the experience. ... so the family business recently expanded into poultry. We want the kiddos to be able... Continue Reading →

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