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Cake Flavored Literary Excusions

Cait @ Paperfury wrote that if I liked cake, I could pilfer the tag #cakeflavoredbooks. Since I and my family have made careers of recommending books to any and every passerby and giving cake to any and every passerby, I have a lot... Continue Reading →

Colorful Clips – Acceptance

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance What a universally acknowledged desire of the human race: acceptance. There's nothing like that spark which flares in the heart when a friend stands up for you or a family member says they don't know what... Continue Reading →

Eloquence in a Question #1

TheSarahDoughty posted a most interesting question today. Her answer was equally stimulating, and I thought I'd give it a whirl for myself. Question: How does it feel when your muse runs fingers through your hair, resting bare palms on your crown?... Continue Reading →

Colorful Clips – Instinct

When this prompt came into my inbox this morning, I thought, "Yes! I know I talk about instinct A LOT in my writing. I'm SURE I have TONS of clips I could do a post about." Well, maybe not as... Continue Reading →

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