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Why photos from your smartphone don’t usually look as good…

So I've been taking pictures with cameras since back when they had those disposable cameras for a dollar that had the little spinny dial and digital photography was considered new, weird, and no one understood how such voodoo was possible.... Continue Reading →

Phood Photos

Set ups for photos. Everyone is curious but most people are kinda disappointed when they see them. Even budding photographers. I don't blame them. They come hoping to see beauty laid out before my camera, lights shining majestically over a... Continue Reading →

Food Photography

I almost titled this post "On the Traumatic Nature of Food Photography." Because it is 3:30 in the afternoon, I had a lovely lunch and a snack, but I sit down to edit food photos for ten minutes, and my stomach... Continue Reading →


Let's be real. We all love good food. And probably all of us love good food photography, too. You probably have an image in mind or a pinterest board, a clear mental picture of that steam curling in the god... Continue Reading →

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