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Diverging Legacy – A Genealogy Story

The only genealogy thing more fun that researching an entire family tree is researching two trees. This is because, sooner or later, those trees are going to come together. My pixie-in-law and I naturally had loads of fun doing our respective... Continue Reading →

Anna Bock – A Genealogy Story

A great woman can inspire hundreds, but this one mothered a legacy. This is the story of my great-great-great grandmother, Anna K. Bock. It is surprising that I have been able to do so much on my family tree in... Continue Reading →

The Blue Knight – a genealogy story

There's nothing like hitting a point in genealogy studies where you are chunking right along and you trip over a historical event you actually know or actors with whom you are familiar. Sure, there are the big things like wars... Continue Reading →

Genealogy: how to get started

Pictured above is my great-great-great grandmother. On the back of the faded photograph, an old cursive scrawl reads, "Minerva Sulgrove (nee Early and Stewart - last husband killed in Civil War) a dear little Quaker lady - my grandmother" The... Continue Reading →

Addicted to Dead People: a genealogy story…

So I saw a blogging prompt the other day: What did you think was the coolest job in the world when you were younger, and do you still feel that way now? To the abyss with blogging, those are just... Continue Reading →

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