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Healing Takes Time

We all know that somewhat trite and clichéd phrase, “Time heals all wounds.” It often takes different forms. “Give it time, sweetie.” “You’ll feel better eventually.” And, I’m going to tell you, right now, as you read this. Sometimes, that just doesn’t cut it.

Returning to a Broken Shire

On more than one occasion, I've mentioned the family business here on my blog. I do a lot of work for it, I live in the middle of it, and it's a combination of home/family/profession. Well, on the 13th of... Continue Reading →

3 Tips for Traveling with a Cold

Making the best of a dreadful situation. That could very well be the tagline to the situation I found myself in during the final few hours of my trip to Oklahoma. It was truly delightful to spend several days romping... Continue Reading →

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