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Food Poisoning 4,000 Miles from Home – A brief survival guide

Yes. I got food poisoning on Skye. Doesn't that just sound like the worst? See, we had just left Dunvegan castle and were starting to feel a mite peckish. Our packed sandwiches had only taken us so far, and the... Continue Reading →

Genealogy: how to get started

Pictured above is my great-great-great grandmother. On the back of the faded photograph, an old cursive scrawl reads, "Minerva Sulgrove (nee Early and Stewart - last husband killed in Civil War) a dear little Quaker lady - my grandmother" The... Continue Reading →

How to Pack

I'm the Nomadic Troglodyte. I did not pick that name lightly. When it comes to traveling, I've done it enough that I have a disproportionate amount of practice at packing. I tend to forget how good I've gotten until someone... Continue Reading →

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