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Learning from Youth

The enthusiasm of youthful artists is really something. I can see the spark of amusement in the eyes of older artists when I talk to them. Sometimes... I am the older artist, and let me tell you - that's a... Continue Reading →

Re-thought Re-post

When you try to see the big picture and end up so far up you become scared of heights... not a great day. This happened to a person at work, and I think it exhausted them before lunchtime. I felt... Continue Reading →

Substance Over Style – Improving Art

We all have flaws, whether we want to admit them or not. Some of us become very good and dancing around those holes in our skills or characters. We might even be fleet-footed enough to turn that dancing into something... Continue Reading →

Take Five – no, seriously, just do it…

There are a million self-help books out there (I just made up the statistic, but it sounded so professional, didn't it?). There are probably five million self-help blogs out there. And we aren't even talking about the pseudo-psychological help-y bloggy-internety... Continue Reading →

Walking to Work

We all have our little peeves about our lives, moments we wish would just go away or small annoyances which should just flap off and leave us well enough alone. Some of us have annoying co-workers, others have annoying jobs.... Continue Reading →

Do da Funk – 10 Ways to Feel Better

Here is some random, hard-won, peculiar, and altogether unexpected troglodyte advice for getting out of a funk. Not all of us are as down as Hal was after fighting at Agincourt and thinking the French were gearing up for another... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from Baby Ducks

  via Daily Prompt: Panicked Here's how I learned that ducks are experts in panicking, and what I decided to take from the experience. ... so the family business recently expanded into poultry. We want the kiddos to be able... Continue Reading →

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