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Manly Men Needed

The NaNoWriMo forums are a gift and a curse, and maybe a little more curse. Sometimes ya get writers giving writer-ly advice using bile-inducing grammar, punctuation, logic, and word choice. Sometimes the forums suck you into a vortex of internet confusion... Continue Reading →

Early Stages of Novel – A Love Story

Every writer will tell you a different story. No, I'm not making some grand philosophical point, I'm telling you that each writer will literally inform you, should you be so bold as to ask, of the beginning of their conception... Continue Reading →

Beautiful People – September 2016

Okay, kids. NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, and I'm sure more than a few of us have been scratching away at our outlines. Me, I have a Viking, a magic system, a B&B, and the beginning of a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Survival? I think not…

Why do I kill people? Catchy headline, huh? Let's try something a little more precise and a little less flashy. Why, as a writer, do I insist on killing characters? In the hundreds of thousands of words I've written, significant... Continue Reading →

Knowing Your Letters

You know that old bit of writing advice: write what you know. Yeah, that's the one. The one that makes fantasy writers slam their heads against brick walls and every teen writer scream "No! I won't do it!" I hate... Continue Reading →

The thing about writing a children’s story…

So, here I am - wildly unqualified to write this post and fully preparing to write it anyway. Kinda like how I felt about co-authoring and illustrating a children's book for my niece. Here we go. I've dabbled in a... Continue Reading →

The one that makes you breathe

You know how when you're reading along and you come across a line that makes you put the book down and just breathe for a second? Not the emotionally charged scenes. Not the moment a character does something epically embarrassing.... Continue Reading →

The Answer

The artist, the wordsmith, the inventor, the craftsman, and all the clever ones eventually find themselves sitting across from some wide-eyed someone who invariably asks, "Where do you come up with this stuff?" The question varies (Where do your ideas... Continue Reading →

Beautiful People – June ’14 during June ’16

During my last Beautiful People post, I mentioned how much I admired the meme over the years. Well, I thought it was a crying shame to leave their archive untouched and June '14's questions were just perfect for one of... Continue Reading →

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