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Musashi and the Parable

I remember having a long-standing and spirited debate with a friend of mine when I was only sixteen. Just a shot in the dark, here, but I'm guessing most sixteen-year-olds don't enter into deep theological arguments supported by Platonic logic... Continue Reading →

1 Great Truth to living a Successful Life

In the last few months, I've been musing on what it takes to live well, and I thought I'd float 1 Great Truth here. It isn't the truth, or even the Truth, and it certainly isn't THE GREAT TRUTH, but it is... Continue Reading →

Snowcats and Personal Growth

The other day, the family business got itself in a bit of a pickle. Our snowcat fell into a ditch while my father was setting trail. After a few hours of trying to get out, I was called upon to sally... Continue Reading →

Goin’ Fishin’ – and why you should, too.

As someone more at home over in a commercial kitchen or in front of a keyboard, my enjoyment of the outdoors usually comes about at admiring the beauty of it, capturing it through the lens of my camera, or quiet... Continue Reading →


Boredom. Sounds like such a mundane word, doesn't it? Almost... banal. I was asked if I was bored the other day, and it just struck me. I wasn't, so perhaps the surprise of the question was what made it dawn... Continue Reading →

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