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From Colorado to Cairns & Clan Campbell

I saw this daily prompt, and I knew I needed to write something - even if it was by the seat of my pants and unplanned. Because I have recently had several surreal experiences, and they are just worth writing about.... Continue Reading →

Planning for Overseas

So you want to schlep across an ocean for a holiday... where do you even start? Your favorite Nomadic Troglodyte is here to help with helpful tips and helpful advice and... just... HELP! Minimize. Plan for the worst. Prepare for... Continue Reading →

3 Tips for Traveling with a Cold

Making the best of a dreadful situation. That could very well be the tagline to the situation I found myself in during the final few hours of my trip to Oklahoma. It was truly delightful to spend several days romping... Continue Reading →

Wyoming for a Rabbit

"So, you wanna go on a road trip to Cheyenne tomorrow?" Me: *in no way, shape, or form desirous of leaving my cave* "Yeah, sure." And that's why today's blog is a bit more traveling and a bit less genealogical... Continue Reading →

Traveling amid Tumultuous Weather

This little troglodyte was once again pried out of her cave for a spot of spring traveling. Honestly, I feel like Bilbo Baggins tottering out of Bag End, away from the perfect comforts of my hobbit hole to be tossed... Continue Reading →

Oklahoma – the mad dash

So the point of this particular nomadic venture of mine, going to Oklahoma via a road trip with my father, was not a pleasure trip. It was practical. We did not sight-see. We did not dally. Nonetheless, interesting things occurred, as... Continue Reading →

Oklahoma –  not the musical 

Sometimes I wonder about my blog title. Nomadic... really? I am fundamentally a troglodyte. What am I doing with 'nomadic' in my title? I don't travel. I don't travel that much. Okay, so I'm not what you would call a... Continue Reading →

The “Nomad” in Nomadic Troglodyte

I am keenly aware of the appearance of paradox in my blog name. Troglodytes live in caves, nomads live, well, anywhere and everywhere. Well, this last weekend proved the paradox to be possible. Among all of my friends and family,... Continue Reading →

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